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Modern & Antique Furniture Repair

Don't let a deep scratch or broken shelf ruin your favorite furniture. Call Gayle Furniture Restoration in Palm Beach County, Florida, for on-site furniture refinishing, painting, and repair services. We work on all types of home, office, and hospitality furniture, including:

• Chairs & Desks
• Paneling & Molding
• Conference Room Tables
• Wood Filing Cabinets
• Cabinetry
• Bookshelves

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Convenient Restorations

What makes Gayle Furniture Restoration so unique is that we come to you. Our highly skilled experts touch up light scratches, restore water-damaged pieces, and even maintain wood furniture, ensuring your furnishings look great all year long. Call today to learn more about our routine maintenance programs.

How It Works

Simply give us a call or text us a picture of your furniture to receive a free estimate. We will come to you to fix the item. If it cannot be fixed on site, we will take it back to our workshop. Pick-up and drop-off fees are included in our service.

Antique repair is delicate work. In the rare event that we can't fix your furniture, we won't charge you. We also won't force a temporary fix that could risk further damaging your piece.

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